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1  Focous on the field of customer services for 20 years 2  Deeply participate in the construction of single window 3  Vocational work spread all over 30+provinces and overseas 4  Serving government and enterprise customers10000+ 5  The system solution has been verified by customers including top 500 enterprises

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AEO Smart Customs Management System

Integrated service system for certificates of origin

High-end manufacturing industry chain block platform

Integrated logistics management software

Help RCEP enjoy the benefits

"Smart Factory + Industrial Chain Supply Chain"

Create a new regulatory service model of "two platforms and six systems" for cross-border e-commerce

Focus on the logistics field, the whole process service system integration

"Connected Regulation + Digitalization of Trade"

Market procurement trade Internet information platform

Intelligent customs brokerage AI

Customs clearance overpass system


Customs brokers are good helpers

23 years of dedicated development, customs experts by your side

Product and service
Leaders come to guide
Guanwu easyown-Hangzhou station
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China Customs Development Conference 2021
Go online! China Bohai helps Changsha prepackaged foods export pilot run successfully!
我们以智慧、开放、共享为活动宗旨,以智慧关务、创新服务 (SmartCustoms,Service Innovation)为活动主题展开了本次关务神州行杭州站的活动。

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Automatic prevention and control of import and export compliance risks

Fully compliant with AEO advanced and general certification standards

Big data analytics and business intelligence
Multiple data security mechanisms
Professional consultants provide a full range of services

Multi-system synergy to reduce costs and increase efficiency

Import and export business documents can be visually tracked throughout the process, multi-condition retrieval and backtracking, multi-factor correlation early warning analysis customs data synchronization, built-in customs-level inspection error logic, fully meet AEO certification requirements.
Optimize import and export logistics operations and control processes by building a data warehouse for big data collection analysis; The intelligent large screen controls the real situation of import and export in real time, quickly discovers import and export trade risks, and guides continuous improvement of management.
Core data encrypted storage, the whole process of encrypted transmission, high-end cloud providers as the basic operating environment, enjoy out-of-the-box use, while ensuring the security and traceability of data, the whole process of adding, deleting, modifying and checking the operation log, can track any access record.

China Bohai has a technical service team of 500 people, the core consultants have worked in front-line positions for more than 15 years, have rich experience in customs policies and enterprise practice, and cooperate with a strong implementation team to provide comprehensive and professional services for enterprises.

The system has built-in massive risk control and prevention logic, automatic entry of customs clearance database, integrity and consistency check of declaration data, overdue and overdue internal documents and document verification, to minimize policy and operational risks.
Internally, it can be seamlessly connected with enterprise ERP, MES and other management systems, and externally it can be pushed to the customs single window and external collaboration system, and the whole process from incoming materials to customs clearance and final verification can be automatically obtained, and multi-business integration can accelerate coordinated processing, double the efficiency of data acquisition and processing, and reduce management costs.
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A pioneer in the digital empowerment of international trade. The core team was established in 1999, dedicated to the field of customs and customs information. Its product, AEO Smart Customs Management System, provides one-stop solutions such as AEO certification, trade compliance, customs clearance speed-up and intelligent customs declaration, covering the needs of import and export enterprises, freight forwarders and customs brokers, and has become the first choice for many top 500 enterprises.

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